St. Cyril has trees!

Over the last few week, many of you may have noticed a transformation to the school yard with the introduction of 5 new trees in raised planter boxes, as well as vines along the fence adjacent to Beecroft Rd.

These plantings are a result of the work of the St. Cyril Green Team. A small group of parent volunteers on this team who approached the city to donate and plant the vines. They were also the successful recipients of a grant from Live Green Toronto, which has allowed for the cost of the tree plantings. The trees and vines bring much needed shade and other environmental benefits for the school community. Work is also underway for the planting of a living willow wall along the fence line adjacent to the parking lot, which will enhance the privacy and air quality of the area.

Come spring 2017, we will need to rely on parent/student volunteers who can spend some time on evenings and weekends during the summer months to help water the vines and trees. This will help to ensure that they continue to grow during the crucial first 2 years after planting. For more information on the Green Team’s journey, please visit our page . To become a watering volunteer, even if it is just a few days, please contact us at:

In addition, St. Cyril has been provided with decorative holiday urns in the front entrance of the school thanks to the creative work of parent volunteer Cindy  Landry; as well as a new Christmas tree in the main foyer. Both of these were made possible through funds supplied by CSPC and add a beautiful element this holiday season!christmas-urn