The St. Cyril Catholic School Parent Council (CSPC) raises money to enhance your child’s school experience by supporting various activities throughout the school year.  Funds are raised through two distinct means:

  1. St Cyril Foundation:  Registered charity to accept donations and provide tax receipts
  2. CSPC: Fundraising through school commmunity activities including a Welcome BBQ/Fair and pizza lunches

At the beginning of each school year, the finance committee develops a budget for the school year with input from the council, the principal and teachers.  The budget is presented and approved at one of the first few council meetings of the school year.  The finance committee manages the funds and expenditures based on the approved budget as well as updating for any new activities that are approved by the Council.  This is done via a motion and vote at a CSPC meeting.  The finance committee reports monthly to the CSPC on the actual financial statements compared to the budget.  The finance committee also provides expert advice and will advise the CSPC on financial matters.

Category Activities Included
Classroom Support Teacher allocation to supplement classroom supplies
School Request Computer / iPads
Curriculum Support Agendas, “Scientists in School”, Library support
Extra-Curricular Activities Swim Team, Hockey Tournament
Special Events Class skating refreshments, Advent mass, Pancake Tuesday, Communion/Confirmation Lunch, SK/Grade 8 Graduation, Winter Carnival, Catholic Education Week
Field Trip Support Buses for class field trips
Administration Banking fees and other miscellaneous costs