Who We Are

St. Cyril’s Catholic School Parent Council (CSPC) is made up of parents volunteers, along with teacher representatives, the principal and other community members who work together to enrich the school experience for the children. By-laws can be found here.

2021-2022 St. Cyril CSPC Committee:


Dacia Scali, Chair
Jeff Chu, Co-Chair
Tara Baker, Treasurer
Magda Dunn, Secretary

Other Members:

Vlad Chiriac, Support
Cindy Cryne, Greening
Oxana Dorfman, Co-Communications
Leandra Giancola, Fundraising
Kathryn Jaitley, OAPCE Rep
Lindsay Mathias, Events
Robert Rudd, Co-Communications
Jana Seymor, Community Rep
Anh Vuong-Phillpotts, Diversity & Inclusion


A. The Members of the Catholic School Parent Council shall:

  • Be voted into one foot of the 12 positions at the AGM in September
  • Participate in Monthly Council meetings (1st Tuesday of each Month).
  • Act as a link between the Council and their sub committee.
  • Be entitled to one vote, in votes taken by the Council, should the Council make recommendations to the principal and/or Board through a voting process.
  • Receive reimbursement for expenses incurred in the normal course of their duties as Council members in accordance with Board policy, but shall not receive any remuneration for serving as a Council member.

B. 2021/2022 CSPC ROLES – CSPC Parent Council Composition


Executive Officers:


Voting Members:

Co-Chair Communications
Student Education & Wellness
Diversity and Inclusion
Support role

Member Roles and Responsibilities

Chair and Co Chair
(must have a minimum of two(2) years of experience as CSPC member)


The Chair’s role is to oversee operations of the Parent council, to liaise with the Principal on a regular basis, to schedule and chair parent council meetings, to oversee and assist where necessary all other committees and to advocate on behalf of and support all parents with respect to questions,

issues and ideas.


  • Call Council meetings
  • Create the Agenda for Council meetings in consultation with the Principal
  • Must be available to answer emails from the Principal, administration, school council members, parents and community members
  • Support the work of subcommittees;
  • Regularly consult with the Principal; make recommendations on behalf of the council
  • Oversee and lead Council initiatives and activities;
  • Assist with volunteer recruitment and parent/guardian communication;
  • Complete all annual reports, community requests and TCDSB documentation, in cooperation with other members of the Executive;
  • Be responsible for overseeing the activities of the Executive and assume Executive roles that have not been filled, or roles which have been vacated;
  • Attend and participate in information and training programs and consult with Board staff and trustees as required;
  • Facilitate the resolution of conflict; and
  • Enforce observation of the constitution and bylaws and Rules of Order



The Treasurer’s role is to work with the Parent Council executive to draft an annual budget and to perform the bookkeeping required by the parent council, such as depositing cheques, writing cheques and keeping track of the cash balances. The Treasurer provides a monthly financial report for presentation at the Parent Council meetings. The Treasurer is responsible for preparing the annual report for the Principal, Board and School Community, as well as a preliminary budget for the following



Working under the direction of the Chairperson(s) he/she

  • Be guided by the Board’s fiscal policies;
  • Must be available to answer emails from the Principal, school council executive;
  • Collect, count and deposit all money made through fundraising;
  • Pay all bills and invoices and balance the bank statement;
  • Be responsible for providing post-­‐project revenue results to Council and to the Secretary;
  • Prepare monthly requisition statements to share with school council at meetings;
  • Prepare the annual report for the Principal, Board and school community;
  • Prepare a preliminary budget for the following year, to present at the last school council meeting of the year, with input from the Executive and the Principal



The secretary is responsible for taking the minutes at the monthly meeting and finalizing these minutes, once approved by Council, for publishing on the CSPC website. This person keeps all records, documents and other property of Parent Council except those kept by the Treasurer.


  • Record minutes at the Council meetings and distribute these to Council Members within a reasonable time of meetings;
  • Send email copies of “Approved Minutes” to the executive and Principal after minutes are approved at meetings;
  • Prepare monthly action plans based on action agreed at school council meetings;
  • Assist with creating the meeting agenda in consultation with chair/cochair
  • Follow up with individual members and persons required to take action, to ensure such action is taken;
  • Must be available to answer emails from the Principal, school council executive;
  • He/she shall arrange for an Executive Member to record minutes in his/her absence; and
  • Collaborate with the Executive and Council subcommittees to help prepare newsletters or information releases;

Committee Business

A parent or parents can come together to ask that an issue be considered by CSPC. Where further exploration of the issue is required, a committee is established at the direction of CSPC.

The committee will be assigned a committee chair from the active members of CSPC.

Committee business can be conducted outside of both the CSPC meeting and the Preparation and Parent Information Sessions.

One (1) CSPC member must exist on each established committee. The CSPC member or the committee chair will report back to CSPC for approval on position statements or direction setting. Feedback from the parent community can be made through a presentation at a Preparation and Parent Information Session.

Communications and Co-Communications


Communications chair will assist with facilitating communications with and on behalf of Parent Council, the Principal, TCDSB, Community Members, Parents and Students.

Communications chair will maintain the CSPC website.

Communications chair can form a communications committee to assist with tasks. It is the responsibility of the Communications chair to attend monthly CSPC meetings to provide updates to the council.


  • Attend Monthly CSPC Meetings
  • Update CSPC on Support Committee activities
  • Send out required CSPC emails such as monthly minutes and agendas updates
  • Liaising with school administration to ensure that all requested emails are approved by the office
  • Maintain the database of email addresses and ensure that the signup information is distributed in September, this includes collecting the information sheets for each class; ­‐time commitment: September only, 5-­‐7 hours
  • Liaising with other parent council committees, and teachers to;
    • ensure that important dates and events are represented
    • assist with marketing and publication strategies (i.e. Welcome BBQ, Pancake Tuesday)
  • Maintaining  St.Cyrils Twitter page
  • Create and distribute newsletter with approval from executive and principal
  • Submit minutes/agenda and newsletter to be posted on school website
  • Liaising with Principal to utilize school messenger when approved by the Principal



The role of the greening committee is to support St Cyril in their greening initiatives primarily in the playground and to support the schools eco certification


  • Attend Monthly CSPC Meetings
  • Update CSPC on Support Committee activities
  • Regularly attends parent council meetings and events;
  • Supports meetings and events with eco practices and suggestions such as energy conservation, recycling initiatives etc.;
  • Supports the current edible garden initiative with volunteer support and communications support as required;
  • Proactively communicates with the parent body about school eco initiatives and tips for parents interested in supporting their children’s environmental education;
  • Endeavours to develop an Eco Committee with parents from the community to share their views and help to create a more robust eco-­‐schools presence;
  • Supports the Eco-­‐teachers and their curriculum through initiatives:
    • Yard pick-­‐up aka Trash Tuesdays;
    • Litterless Lunches –
    • Healthy Eating – working with Rose Reisman catering ensure minimal waste and review menu.
  • Greening the yard, planting, maintaining planters in the front entrance of the school.



To co-­‐ordinate the Fundraiser for the school.

Assist in planning CSPC sponsored events


  • Attend Monthly CSPC Meetings
  • Update CSPC on Support Committee activities
  • Meet with representative and other volunteers to discuss the details of the campaign including timelines, communications;
  • Ensure that Principal is aware of upcoming campaign and details;
  • Assist with the preparation of communications – let parents know that event is coming up, prize announcement blast, send reminder blast, email blast
  • Work with treasurer to ensure budget is approved for events
  • Obtain school permits
  • Work with custodian on set up/table/chair/location

Diversity and Inclusion


To support student needs and plan activities and initiatives that support schools’ learning plan. Addresses sensitive issues around mental health, bullying, equity issues, racial concerns and helps create awareness with the school community


  • Attend Monthly CSPC Meetings
  • Plan school wide workshop/events that supports sensitive issues indicated as an area of focus in our school community ie: Cultural diversity/ lower income families/kids with allergies / anxiety or those who learn differently/ those who leave school to see occupational therapists,
  • Understanding the Principals learning plan and create initiatives to support it
  • Support student achievement and school improvement
  • Consult with CSPC on local events
  • Collaborate with events committee to plan school wide events



The fundraising chair is responsible for collaborating with the treasurer, overseeing and coordinating all fundraisers across the school.

  • Pizza lunch
  • School BBQ
  • United way/benetivity
  • Spirit wear


  • Attend Monthly CSPC Meetings
  • Update CSPC on Support Committee activities
  • Chair meetings for Parent Council fundraising Committee;
  • Manage fundraising activities groups and review each groups yearly proposals;
  • Ensure that fundraising efforts are consistent with Parent council objectives;
  • Create Communications to parents regarding upcoming fundraising activities;
  • Communicate information regarding how donations are used to support the school;
  • Work with other TCDSB schools to identify best practices and other ideas;
  • Identify future fundraising opportunities;
  • Identify and work towards capital campaigns; and

Support role


The Support Role is in place to assist another CSCP member within their given role. For example, 2019 Yard Development required a lot of support for the Greening Committee. 

This role is great for a new CSPC member who has ideas and input across multiple areas of council.


  • Attend Monthly CSPC Meetings
  • Update CSPC on Support Committee activities
  • Provide Support to various CSPC committees as needed

Council Code of Ethics

A member shall consider the best interests of all students.

A member shall endeavor at all times to be mindful of the views of the community which he or she is representing through his or her position on council.

A member will be mindful of the need to welcome and accommodate parents and members of the community to council and subcommittee meetings.

A member shall be guided by the schools and the school boards mission statements.

A member shall act within the limits of the roles and responsibilities of a school council as identified by the schools operating guidelines, the school board, and the Ontario Ministry of Education.

A member shall become familiar with the schools policies and operating practices and act in accordance with them.

A member shall maintain the highest standards of integrity.

A member shall recognize and respect the personal integrity of each member of the school community.

A member shall treat all other members with respect and allow for diverse opinions to be shared without interruption.

A member shall encourage a positive environment in which individual contributions are encouraged and valued.

A member shall acknowledge democratic principles and accept the consensus of the council.

A member shall respect the confidential nature of some school business and respect limitations this may place on the operation of the school council.

A member shall limit discussions at school council meetings to matters of concern to the school community as a whole.

A member shall use established communication channels when questions or concerns arise.

A member shall declare any conflict of interest.

A member shall not accept any payment or benefit financially.